How to Receive Contractor ProductsThis article is the second installment in our blog series on Receiving Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment. Before you have any FF&E delivered, you’ll want to start with contractor products. For a complete overview on how to prepare for FF&E, check out the first article! 

When receiving contractor products at your hotel during a renovation or new construction, maintaining the schedule will be more manageable with proper preparation. Following these tips will ensure ease of delivery and minimal impact to your budget and schedule.

What Are Contractor Products?

Contractor products are items installed by the general contractor, subcontractor or designated installer. These items consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Shower Units
  • Floor & Wall Tile
  • Wall Vinyl
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Carpet, Carpet Base & Pad
  • Hardwire Lighting
  • Backlit Vanity Mirrors

Before You Receive Contractor Products…

1. Collaborate with your general contractor.

Schedule delivery of contractor products so that they support and facilitate the overall construction process. Before you place an order, keep in mind that you must coordinate with your general contractor to confirm product quantities.

Clarity and communication are the keys to ensuring your deliveries align with the overall construction schedule.

2. Schedule contractor products delivery for 2 weeks before the install date.

Contractor products are typically stored onsite until ready for installation. Our project consultants recommend having products delivered within a 1- to 2-week window before the install date.

3. Plan for appropriate equipment and staff.

In most cases, contractor products will require specialized equipment such as a forklift, pallet jack, carpet pole or lift gate to properly unload. Determine how many pallets or rolls of contractor products will be delivered to ensure the appropriate equipment and staff are on-hand.

Note: If products do not arrive palletized, you will need to unload them by hand.

Stay tuned for more in our “Tips for Receiving FF&E” blog series to know the right questions to ask of your procurement, logistics, installation, and GC partners and to ensure your hotel project goes smoothly. Next up: Case Goods & Furniture.

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