hospitality resupply vendors

With so many vendors carrying identical products, it can be difficult to discern which company will best suit your resupply needs. Selecting a sub-par manufacturer can result in costly delays and unexpected obstacles, so you’ll want to be judicious in your vendor choices. Take the following aspects into consideration for your next hospitality resupply P.O. to protect your project from complications.

Talk Turnaround

Even a stellar resupplier won’t be of use to you if their products don’t ship by the time you need them. Hospitality resupply tends to be time-sensitive, with item replacements required to be in place shortly after you notice the necessity for a purchase order. Lead times and shipment schedules are always an area of importance for hotels, but especially so when your property is already up and running and needs to continue to function at full force ASAP. It’s best to work with a resupply manufacturer who understands this urgency and solves for it with quick ship programs, in addition to fast response times and transparency on lead times. 

Select by Specialty

Even slight variations in your FF&E can throw off the look and feel of your property, so it’s pertinent that all items from a singular category are homogenous. For example, when you replace three desks, you’ll want those replacements to be almost indistinguishable from the other desks in your hotel. Resupply vendors that concentrate on a particular product know the ins and outs of their specific FF&E category, making them more apt to find a closer match to your existing FF&E. A wide selection of their chosen specialty paired with the utmost knowledge on specs and dimensions for their catalog means a specific category manufacturer can work with you to find replacement items that flow well with previous orders.

While it may not be possible to resupply the exact same product, you can get pretty close to it. Utilize the expertise of a product specialist to find replacement items that mirror the look and feel of currently placed items.

Service on Par with Supplies

It’s not just the quality of hotel products that matter in vendor choice, but the level of service they provide and whether they carry out on their promises, as well. All aspects of a hotel update require constant communication to keep things on track, and working with resupply vendors is no different. Your chosen FF&E vendor must be accessible and thorough in their customer relationships.

From lead times to damages and missing items, the status of FF&E projects can change on a whim, so having all parties in touch and on the same page is vital to meeting deadlines and problem-solving. Vendors should provide frequent updates on shipments and purchase orders while also making themselves readily available to answer any questions a hotelier or procurement company may have.

Hotel resupply orders are far more complex than hoteliers might initially think. Working with a reputable hospitality resupply partner will take the headache out of your reorders while guaranteeing success. Innvision’s resupply services keep the many parts of purchase orders moving smoothly while utilizing our strong vendor relationships to streamline the process for hoteliers. Request a resupply quote from Innvision today!