When is the Chinese New Year for 2020?

The Lunar New Year, more commonly known in America as the Chinese New Year, is an annual holiday that takes place in China and Vietnam. Manufacturing and production come to a halt for five to six weeks while workers take time off from their jobs to celebrate. Dates for the Chinese New Year differ from year to year, with 2020’s Lunar New Year taking place on January 25th. 

Some companies allocate ten business days to the festivities, making the date factories shut down even earlier than the actual date of the Chinese New Year. The 2020 Lunar New Year is expected to be even more complex in terms of logistics than usual, with the ongoing trade wars between the United States and China providing additional challenges with delays for receiving FF&E. 

Project Timelines for the Chinese New Year

Both the Chinese New Year and import tariffs are impacting industries across the board. Now more than ever, it’s crucial that companies be proactive in their orders and shipments from China to ensure they don’t experience any setbacks from these complications.

When it comes to planning for the Chinese New Year and its increased lead times, the sooner you can get your purchase orders in, the better. The cutoff date to place purchase orders for delivery in February or March of 2020 already passed for some vendors and for others, it’s coming up soon.

How Procurement Providers Can Help

Project logistics can become increasingly hectic not only during the Chinese New Year but also for a few months leading up to the holiday. Having a logistics coordinator with the express knowledge of lead times and the cutoff dates for a wide range of manufacturers and vendors will help prevent project delays from the Lunar New Year. If you’ve already missed this year’s cutoff for placing purchase orders, an FF&E procurement partner will be able to help find alternative product options, such as similar items from domestic vendors, to keep your hotel project on track.

Innvision’s 15 years in the hospitality industry provides us with extensive knowledge and experience in working around obstacles from the Chinese New Year to ensure a hotel project meets its expected completion date. Reach out to Innvision Hospitality today to safeguard your new build or reconstruction from delays.