Each year the BDNY conference hosts sessions from seasoned hotel experts covering hospitality design and other must-know industry topics. Innvision Hospitality was elated to attend this year’s Boutique Design New York event at the Jacob K. Javits Center in NYC on November 10th and 11th. Read on to learn some of the main points noted by our team:

Food & Beverage

Traditional formal hotel restaurants are no longer a necessity for full-service properties to satisfy guests. Changing behaviors of travelers allow for more flexibility in the implementation of F&B options. Quick service products and counter service meals are becoming more acceptable in hospitality, and even preferable in specific markets.

Whether a property should include a large-scale restaurant, grab and go options, or a combination of the two will depend upon the property’s clientele and current hospitality trends. For this reason, hotel projects with longer development schedules should hold off on planning their F&B concepts as long as possible to maintain relevance with marketplace demands.

Experiential Spaces

The atmosphere of hotel properties as a whole is changing from passive, static spaces to interactive environments. The goal of immersion is to help draw people out of individual, isolated experiences and promote a more relational and enriching stay, particularly in public areas. Hotel designers are utilizing both architecture and technology to increase guests’ engagement with properties.

Better Together

Design and architecture are synchronous to a hotel project, so designers and architects must work closely together. Managing Principal of Studio HBA David Dunphy noted that he’d seen a rise of clients removing interior designers from projects’ Construction Administration phase in attempts to cut costs. These misguided efforts only wind up hurting hotel projects in the end, though. Hotel designers are a hotelier’s best advocate for ensuring product and design quality, so having them on board throughout the entirety of a hospitality project is a must.

Part of providing top-tier design and procurement services is staying in the know on all the latest hospitality trends. Innvision is committed to furthering our already extensive knowledge of hotels to serve our clients’ changing needs best. Reach out today to reap the benefits of our hospitality expertise!