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Things You Need to Know Before Choosing A Designer or FF&E Procurement Provider

  1. Will the FF&E provider and designer walk your property with you before starting work?

    Will they be available for site visits and follow-up during your project?   After your installation is complete, will they perform a punch list walk-through with you? 

    You are making a big investment.  An FF&E procurement project is a complex undertaking, and having the chance to meet face-to-face with your design and procurement consultant is invaluable. When you partner with Innvision Hospitality, our specialists will know your property, understand your project and stand by you every step along the way.

  2. What past experience does the provider have with your hotel brand?

    Does your franchisor recommend them?  Your provider should have extensive knowledge and expertise working with your brand. In addition, the corporate brand team should be familiar with the provider's quality of work.

    The Innvision Hospitality team completes a project every week and has a record of excellence with many top hotel brands.

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